tshirt printing

T-shirt printing

Hey does anyone find they have a list of things “to do” but certain things seem to stay on the list and never get done? Please tell me I’m not alone!…

Well, this DIY was one of those things that have been on my list since before Xmas, yes you heard me before Christmas! So yesterday I decided that I would tie myself to it by mentioning the craft to my oldest daughter this way I could not put it off (she will keep bugging me until we do it!).

I think this is one of those DIY’s that looks (as my daughter says) “store bought”. It can have a really finished look if you take time to mark out your design and cut really carefully, leaving you with clean-cut lines.tshirt printing


You will need

    • a potato
    • a knife
    • pen/pencil (pencil worked best for me)
    • Fabric Paint (aff)
    • Piece of paper
    • Paintbrushes


How to

  1. Firstly cut your potato in half, make sure you cut it in a way that you will have enough surface area for your desired design, pat it dry on a tea towel.
  2. Place your potato cut side down on a piece f paper and draw around it ( this will give you the size of the area to draw your design template on).
  3. Draw out your design inside the outline of your potato and cut it out. Place this on your potato and trace it with your pencil.
  4. Now you have your design on your potato its time to cut out the surround. You want the design to be sticking out so you will want to cut on the lines you have drawn, making sure to cut away the excess.  tshirt printing
  5. Once you’re happy with your design you will need to decide where on your garment you want the design to appear. For our project we wanted them to be on the front in the middle. Mark this lightly with a pencil.
  6. Now the fun begins. Its time to pick out your colour, for us we wanted monochrome so went with black but if you’re doing a heart or star you may want to go with blue, red, yellow or even metallic!
  7. Let’s get down to business… Squeeze out a little paint onto a pallet (or piece of card like we did) and using a paintbrush or your finger apply it to the potato in a nice even layer.
  8. Before you get stamping, place a sheet of paper in between the back and the front of the t-shirt, just where you are going to stamp to prevent the paint transferring through to the back of the garment.
  9. Line up your potato and stamp. Press down hard and release.
  10. Repeat this for any more designs you wait until your project is complete.

If you have any questions please comment below and ill try to help out

Please remember if you recreate this project remember to hashtag #sewletscraft

diy pencilcase

D.I.Y Pencil Case

So my dears in this tutorial I will show you how simple it is to make your own Pencil Case.

These pencil cases are made form some fabric a relative of mine picked up in a charity/thrift shop and you can colour it in – I know cool eh!? but you can use any fabric I have made them out of old jeans anything that is medium weight fabric( not too thick not to thin). I have lined one before but I prefer them not lined.

diy pencilcase

You will Need

2 Pieces of fabric

8″ zip

matching threads

How To
1. Cut two pieces of fabric 4inch x 8inch and make sure they have no creases.

2. Pick out an 8-inch zip in a colour that suits your fabric. I was OK to choose any colour as my fabric is white.

3. Now Place the zip on top of your fabric right sides together and edges together as in the picture. Sew, making sure to leave a 1/2cm space at the beginning and end of the zip.

diy pencilcase

4. Once sewn, press the fabric and the zip *TIP* I use a small straightening iron in my sewing room for small projects!!

5. Do the same with the other piece of fabric. Sew. Press.

6. All edges of the pencil case should now line up, if not just get out a pair of scissors (pinking shears preferably) and snip off the excess fabric.

7. With all edges now nice and neat start at one edge ( by the zip) and sew three edges! As shown in the picture below.

diy pencilcase


*TIP* Don’t forget to leave the zip half open to make it easier to turn inside out.

8. Finished, all that’s left to do is turn it right side out et voila!!

diy pencilcase

I really hope you guys like this tutorial. Share it with friends!!

Anja x