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So last year we surprised our daughters while they slept over with family and painted their bedroom. We used grey and a coral pink colour and the room looks great. However, I felt there was something missing from the walls and they seemed a little bare!! That’s what got me thinking and my creative juices flowing. I have not


iced how popular embroidery hoops are lately and they seem to be used for 1001


different things from earring holders to laundry bins and much more ( comment below if you want me to do a tutorial on more embroidery hoop crafts).

This project is so easy and is made with an embroidery hoop and the rest of the things you will have lying around the house!


You will need:


Embroidery hoop                                                                                                                          T-shirt with a nice design                                                                                                Scissors                                                                                                                                    Twine or string





How To:


  1. First, you will start by measuring your embroidery hoop against your t-shirt to make sure it fits within your hoop.
  2. Next, open the screw clasp at the top of the hoop and loosen the two parts of the hoop so that one comes apart from the other. lay the outside piece to one side, for now, you will only need the inner piece.
  3. Lay your t-shirt, design side up over your inner circle of the hoop. You will want to make sure the design is within the centre part of the hoop and line it up with your hand.
  4. Using the larger outside part of the hoop you placed aside you need to press it firmly back into place on top of the t-shirt, making sure not to move the design from its position too much. (screw clasp placed at the top).
  5. Now holding the outer edge of the hoop in place pull the t-shirt evenly through both pieces of the hoop giving it a drum-like feeling. It will become tighter and harder to pull don’t pull too much!
  6. When the fabric is taught tighten the screw clasp to hold the fabric tight.
  7. turn the hoop around and trim away any excess fabric from the back and tie your twine from the clasp!!


The finished piece looks great and the best part is – if the colour scheme changes, so can the artwork!


P.S The clock was also a DIY project, I bought a couple Mothers Day clock a couple of years ago after mothers day for €1.50 in Aldi with the intention of restyling them… and that is one of them, the other is in my craft room check out our Instagram page for a picture of it!

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